Fuck Christmas

Instant classic from the 2021 Christmas event at the Mojo Blues Bar


Fuck Christmas!
It’s a waste of fucking time
Fuck Santa!
He’s just out to get your dime
Fuck Holly and fuck Ivy
And fuck all that mistletoe

White-bearded big fat bastards
Ringing bells where’er you go
And bloated men in shopping malls
All going ho-ho-ho
It’s fucking Christmas time again!

Fuck Christmas!
It’s a fucking Disney show
Fuck reindeer
And all that fucking snow
Fuck carols
And fuck Rudolph
And his stupid fucking nose

Fucking sleigh bells tinkling
Everywhere you fucking goes
Fuck stockings and fuck shopping
It just drives us all insane

Go tell the elves
To fuck themselves
It’s Christmas time again!

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